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Welcome to the Office of Student Support Services

The Office of Student Support Services provides the supports necessary for all children to flourish academically, socially, and emotionally. Our programming focuses on supports for Students Health and Wellness, the Response to Intervention and Instruction (RtII) process, School Counseling, supports for Social Emotional Learning, Section 504 Accommodation Plans, as well as supports for Students with Disabilities.  

Former students and families who require records from Lawrence Public Schools, please complete one of the request forms below and either email to the contact or forward your request to Central Office, 3rd Floor.  

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Special Education Zone Directors

Office of Student Support Services Contacts
Assistant Superintendent Mary Toomey, Ed. D. (978) 975-5905 x25614
Special Education Zone Director (Zone 1)
Marlena Ysalguez

(978) 975-5905 x25703
Special Education Zone Director (Zone 2) Sean Reardon (978) 975-5905 x25702
Special Education Zone Director (Zone 3) Carol Keenan  (978) 975-5905 x25731
Special Education Zone Director (Zone 4) James Parker  (978) 722-8546
Coordinator for Out-of-District Placements  Stanley Barron (978) 975-5905 x25715

Lead Nurse 

Nancy Walsh  (978) 975-2750 x60160

Lead Counselor 

Brittany Lynch (978) 975-5905 x25698

Operations Manager  (Zones 1&2)

Venecia Colon (978) 975-5905 x25706

Operations Manager  (Zones 3&4)

Marianely Horton  (978) 975-5905 x25708