Wetherbee Events


The Wetherbee School's Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society welcomed thirteen new members.  NJHS is based on five pillars: Scholarship, Service, Leadership, Character and Citizenship. The members maintain high academic standards and character while serving the community through service hours and projects. The Wetherbee School is proud to honor their newest members.

Students and teacher holding sports equipment.

Asher is a remarkable 10 -year-old boy who decided that instead of getting birthday presents from his friends he would ask them to purchase volleyballs, footballs and kneepads for the Wetherbee School. 



Seventh and eighth grade students gave up their Saturday to give back to their community and school by cleaning up their neighborhood.  They joined hundreds of people and took part in the annual Comcast Earth Day.


Ms. Zavalick's 2nd grade class researched and wrote "All About" nonfiction books on animals and invited families in to share their books.

students wearing t-shirts and paper crown

Art students were "hands on" with this project, creating crowns and t-shirts for the 100th day of school.