Wetherbee Events


Ms. Ardito has been working on fire safety with her class. They completed a week's worth of lessons on fire safety. Activities included calling 9-1-1, using smoke detectors, demonstrations of stop drop and roll, not playing with matches or lighters, checking the doorknob for heat, looking for emergency exits, and designing a safety plan. They earned a small certificate and fire safety badges.

Students at the Wetherbee School collect food for the Lazarus House.

On Tuesday, October 10, volunteers from the Lazarus House community organization came to the Wetherbee School and presented information to the students about reducing food waste and creating a more sustainable environment through the donation of excess cafeteria food to help feed the needy. The Lazarus House of Lawrence provides food, clothing, shelter, and job training for those who are in need. 

Students learned what types of foods can be saved from their daily meals and donated to the Lazarus House organization. This includes: milk/water, packaged veggies, packaged cookies/crackers, cheese sticks, and fruit. Students have already filled BOXES with cartons of unopened milk, packages of carrots, and fresh fruit. Keep making good choices and supporting your community, Wetherbee students!

Wetherbee students present a check to the Firefighters United for Puerto Rico

The Middle School at the Wetherbee is very involved in community service. Four eighth grade girls, Dezani Torres, Jadeyshka Edwards, Gianny More, and Glenialis Collado, wanted to help the victims of the hurricane in Puerto Rico.  They organized a Penny War from grades K-8 at the school and collected for three weeks. Many of our students who have family in Puerto Rico were happy to have donated. With the support of Leah from Aaron’s Presents, the girls counted up the grand total of $2421.00, and decided to donate the money to a local organization, Firefighters United for Puerto Rico. Lawrence Firefighters Juan Gonzalez and William Pagan, who created the group, visited the Wetherbee School on October 23 to accept the check and thank the students personally.

Wetherbee ugly sweater contest contestants

The Wetherbee staff had their annual ugly sweater contest on Tuesday, December 19, 2017. It was a close race with many creatively ugly sweaters. Congratulations to Sharon Rastello, First grade teacher, who went home with this year's title!

a collage of 5 photos of winners

On Friday, March 2nd, fifteen groups of sixth grade students from the Wetherbee School participated in a classroom BREAKOUT experience focused on the life and work of Dr. Seuss. By solving a series of mysterious clues and relying on teamwork to get them through each new challenge, five out of the fifteen groups were able to successfully BREAKOUT! Congratulations to the victorious students!

Do you want to try to solve "BREAKOUT" online on your own? See if you can find the "secret" starting point on this page:  http://bit.ly/2u2QhRT