Wetherbee Events


Wetherbee School 5th graders visited UMASS Lowell Hall of Fame Sports Gallery. They met many athletes and toured the school. 

Abbott Students

Abbot Academy and former Wetherbee students came to visit and announce the twenty four grade 8 students who were chosen to apply to the school. Everyone is so proud of their accomplishments as a class. 

Students reading on map rug

Miss Rastello, grade 1 teacher, had a Read to Your Guest Day! Students got to choose a book to share with a guest . 

Wetherbee Grades 5&6 Football with Coach Doyle, October 26, 2019

On October 26, the Wetherbee Grades 5 and 6 intramural football team showed how teamwork and talent lead to great things! For the second year in a row they captured the Championship, ending a 15-1 season with a very proud Coach Doyle cheering from the sideline. Congratulations team! GO WETHERBEE!

Student grabbing donut on a string with their mouth

Wetherbee Fall festival 2019 was a huge success! Students participated in many events including face painting, pumpkin decorating contest, pumpkin on a string contest, apple taste test, mummy wrapping competition, candy corn guessing game and outdoor sports! All students received a cup of popcorn and had lots of fun during their PBS activity hour for the month.