Dr. Edward Reynoso , Principal


Dr. Edward Reynoso grew up in Lawrence, on Basswood Street. His parents immigrated to the U.S. from the Dominican Republican in the late 60’s. His mom believed that his first responsibility in life as a child was to respect their family by doing his best in school. Her support and his teachers’ belief in him have not only contributed to his personal success, but have become the philosophy he brings to education in Lawrence. “I know that what we do for our kids is the most important contribution we can make for the well being and continued growth of our community,” says Dr. Reynoso.


His first job in Lawrence Public Schools was a crisis counselor at the Arlington Middle School, where he had an opportunity to work with an at-risk population, which quickly made him realize how important the role of educators in Lawrence is. After that, he decided to pursue a Master’s degree in school counseling, which led him to the Leadership in Urban Schools Doctoral program at UMass Boston. The more he studied the dynamics of our students, their families, and the unique challenges of our community, the more he realized that he wanted to be in a role that could affect change.


As an administrator in Lawrence Public Schools for the past twenty years, he has worked in a variety of positions, with exposure to multiple facets of public education. From 2000 to 2011, he was an assistant principal and then a principal at Lawrence High School. He was then asked to work with a Level 4 middle school as part of the turn-around plan in 2012. After working diligently with the faculty, students, and families, he and his colleagues were able to put that school back on track, and as a result, it has recently been named a Level 1 school. He has since worked in two other middle schools to support the four pillars of education set forth under the superintendent’s turn-around plan.  Currently, Dr. Reynoso is appointed as the Special Assistant to the Superintendent, working at the Guilmette Middle School with its leadership team to support the mission, vision and values of the school. He is also the coach of the reigning champion intramural girls basketball team.


Dr. Reynoso says that the best part of his career has been working with the young minds in Lawrence.  The focus of his work has been to help them develop a growth mindset, to believe that with hard work, they can achieve anything in life, regardless of the unique circumstances of their backgrounds. “I want our kids to understand, like my mother wanted me to understand, that completing high school and attending college will give them the opportunities for a better life.” As a result, over the past fifteen years his goal has been to support the whole child, in and out of school, a reality that he says will only exist as long as we are all working together.


Education and Credentials

Ed. D. Leadership in Urban Schools, University of Massachusetts Boston, 2010

M. Ed. School Counseling, Salem State University, 2001

M.A. Criminal Justice/Family Violence Prevention, University of Massachusetts Lowell, 2000

B.A. Criminal Justice/Psychology, University of Massachusetts Lowell, 1999


Ms. Fabrice Kandjanga, Assistant Principal

Ms. Nancy Salach, Assistant Principal

Ms. Angela Sarkis, Assistant Principal