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LPS has applied for grants to support individuals with tuition assistance beyond the tuition reimbursement amount offered by the district.  These grants require that anyone who receives tuition assistance to support tuition costs towards completion of degree granting licensure programs commit to their current  school district for five-years after receiving provisional/initial licensure. If you are interested in applying for LPS Teacher Licensure Tuition Assistance and will commit to at least five-years of employment as an educator in LPS, please complete this online Licensure Program Tuition Assistance Application form.  In order to apply, you must have received an acceptance letter from one of our partners/colleges/universities: Regis College, Merrimack College, UMass Lowell, Teach for America, and PRPIL.  Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
Licensure Program Tuition Assistance Application

LPS offers tuition reimbursement for members of the Lawrence Paraprofessionals Association for college or graduate level courses at $900 and Lawrence Teachers Union members towards graduate level courses up to $1,250.
Para Reimbursement
Teacher Reimbursement