Tips for Success

Chalk drawing of a parent helping their child with homework

Students may need more help than you know. Make sure to check on your child's homework and keep them on track. Find out if your school has any tutoring or extra help if needed. 


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Chalk drawing of a book with a moon covered by cloud and a child

Reading can help you or your child become smarter. At night try to read at least 20 minutes with your child to help them build their comprehension skills, vocabulary, and speech. Check out the Lawrence Public Library or tell your child about signing out a book from school. 


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Chalk drawing of calendar

Check in with your school's calendar. Make sure to know when school's are closed, when there are early dimissals, and when a special play, game, or event is happening.


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Chalkboard drawing of basketball, wrestling singlet, show with wings

Wrestling, basketball, and indoor track have all started up their season. Make sure to support them by checking when you can attend their meets/games. 

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Chalk Drawing of a coat, snowman wearing winter clothes, and boots

It's cold outside! Dress up with your warmest coat, hats, gloves, and boots. Your school might be able to help you attain these, so make sure to contact them.


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