Tarbox Events

Students pledging at court office


All students are learning social studies through the Children Discovering Justice program this year. Ask your child what books he or she has read in social studies!

Fifth graders got the extra special opportunity to travel to the Moakley Federal Courthouse in Boston on November 17th. There, they played roles in a "mock trial" - they were attorneys (prosecution or defense), a judge, a clerk, the jury, or witnesses. We learned what all these people do in the justice system and then acted out the case. 

The Children Discovering Justice staff wrote in a letter to us:

"Justice is about helping each other, speaking your mind, listening to others, and always being kind. Your actions in the courtroom showed us how important justice is to you and that you know how to practice it very well. You should all be very proud of yourselves. Remember that this courthouse belongs to you and that you are welcome back anytime."

Maybe we have some future lawyers and judges in our fifth-grade class! 

Teachers dressed as literary characters

35 students descended on the school on a Saturday (and for the past 3 Saturdays in fact!) to experience the joy of learning. Third and fourth graders are soaring to Mount Olympus, where they are meeting the Greek gods and goddesses and hearing famous myths such as Arachne & Athena and Demeter & Persephone. Mrs. Mann has even been dressing up as mythological characters to model "point of view" - we're learning how to write stories using the first-person ("I") point of view. 

Fifth graders are also soaring, but to outer space. They've read about the moon landing of 1969, Native American folktales about how the stars got into the sky, and famous astronomers. We, too, are focusing on writing narrative stories about what we've read. 

MCAS is coming up in April and May and we will be READY!




The Tarbox School celebrated its third annual Thanksgiving Feast.  We would like to thank all the parents, teachers, and staff members for making this event possible. The food was delicious, and plentiful!  As always, we shared the extra nutrients with our friends from the Lazarus House. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Spring inspiration

A grade one student wows her teacher with a beautiful spring inspired artwork

someone reaching in a box

Our Tarbox Tigers successfully completed all spring assessments.  Now, it is time to celebrate!  Students and staff enjoyed a day of arts and crafts, games, a bouncy house, and popcorn.  Great job!