South Lawrence Complex

About Spark: 

Founded in 2012, Spark Academy is a middle school serving about 440 students in grades 6-8. Spark Academy is dedicated to closing the achievement gap by supporting students' academic growth, health, and wellness. Spark's school day intertwines rigorous academic classes with invigorating athletics including dance, karate, cheerleading, musical theater, stepping, and traditional sports. Spark's structures include high academic expectations, small group advisories, daily collaborative lesson planning time, and a school-wide behavior management system. Spark Academy’s faculty 
Spark’s Mission:
Spark Academy’s mission is to empower young people to reach their potential by becoming knowledgeable, critical thinkers, and skillful communicators with healthy bodies and the strength of character to contribute positively to the world. 
Spark’s Values:
Values help us to make choices that positively impact the world around us and ensure that we have a healthy, successful life. At Spark Academy, we have five school-wide values. These values are shown below with a quick description of each. We celebrate our students as they embody these values and build a stronger community each day. 
The Spark Academy values are:
Seeking Justice: Make the world a fair place.
Perseverance: Try hard, especially when things get difficult.
Active Living: Move often, eat right, have fun, and live well.
Reason: Solve problems using logic and evidence.
Kindness: Treat others well, even when you don’t feel like it.