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School for Exceptional Studies

Serving children in kindergarten through age 22, the School for Exceptional Studies provides a variety of specialized programs to meet the diverse needs of students enrolled in the Lawrence Public Schools. The school's mission is to meet the significant academic, social, cognitive and linguistic challenges of our students. The entire student population requires a structured environment in order to demonstrate success. At the present time, the School for Exceptional Studies has five distinct programs for students including the Behavior/Therapeutic Learning Center (Special Needs Program), the Social Learning Center (Special Needs Program), the Therapeutic Learning Center (Special Needs Program), the Progressive Learning Center (General and Special Need Program) and the District Wide Suspension Exclusion (General and Special Education).

More information about these programs can be found in the program overview.


Special Learning Services Contacts

Special Education / Pupil Personnel Services
Interim Director    Wanda Rivera-Rosado (978) 975-5900 x25703 Wanda.Rivera-Rosado@lawrence.k12.ma.us
Assistant Director
James Parker
(978) 975-5900 x25739
Operations Manager Marianely Horton (978) 975-5905 x25708 Marianely.Horton@lawrence.k12.ma.us



The PAC is dedicated to supporting the education, and the educational experience, of the children in the Lawrence Public Schools System. 
SEPAC Logo - two students holding blue orb with sepac written on
To fulfill this purpose, we shall:
  1. Strive to achieve a closer working relationship between teachers, parents and community so that parents, administrators and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the education of the students
  2. Sponsor projects and events for the benefit of Lawrence Public Schools students that promote inclusion of all families
  3. Raise and expend funds to enhance and improve educational quality
  4. Keep informed of local school objectives and other relevant local school issues
  5. Bring areas of concern to the principal, SPED director, school committee and/or the school superintendent
  6. Have a positive, supportive atmosphere to enhance students' educational and extracurricular experiences
  7. Provide opportunities to educate and involve parents in an effort to improve the overall educational experiences of the students
  8. Form after school programming for SPED children

Our Goals

  • Encourage parents to be involved in, and advocate for, their child's education and create a partnership based on cooperation and mutual understanding between parents and the school district  
  • Create a supportive parent community and a forum for gathering information and learning from one another
  • Present and participate in programs of interest related to special education and learning differences
  • Promote understanding of children with special learning needs