Special Education

The Lawrence Public Schools are committed to nurturing and celebrating the special talents and differences of every learner. All staff members must be charged with the responsibility of ensuring that our students are celebrated for their abilities. Ensuring that all students are included and provided with appropriate levels of supposrt is required. We must strive to embrace iversity, persist in our quest for equity, and empower our learners to believe in the value of effort, perseverance, and determination. Within Special Education, students receive academic and therapeutic interventions at all levels from preschool through completion of secondary education, or until transition to adult services.  


Addition Information related to special education are listed below.


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Office of Student Support Services Contacts
Assistant Superintendent Mary Toomey, Ed. D. (978) 975-5905 x25614 [email protected]
Special Education Zone Director (Zone 1)
Marlena Ysalguez 

(978) 975-5905 x25703

[email protected]
Special Education Zone Director (Zone 2) Sean Reardon (978) 975-5905 x25702 [email protected]
Special Education Zone Director (Zone 3) Carol Keenan (978) 975-5905 x25731  [email protected]
Special Education Zone Director (Zone 4) James Parker (978) 722-8546 [email protected]
Coordinator for Out-of-District Placements  Stanley Barron (978) 975-5905 x25715 [email protected]

Operations Manager  (Zones 1&2)

Venecia Colon (978) 975-5905 x25706 [email protected]

Operations Manager  (Zones 3&4)

Marianely Horton (978) 975-5905 x25708 [email protected]