Opening Dates:

  • K-12 Monday, August 29, 2022
  • PK Wednesday, August 31, 2022

See the entire 2022-23 Student and Family calendar here.


LPS is following its regular attendance policies for PK-8 and high school. (You can find those and other LPS policies here)


Students required to quarantine related to COVID-19 will be considered absent, as they would be for any illness. However, schools recognize these absences are due to extenuating circumstances, and the goal is not to penalize them for this time. To the contrary, families’ cooperation is deeply appreciated and schools and staff will take all available steps to support impacted students with at-home work and making up missed instruction or assignments following a healthy return to the classroom.

COVID-19 Related Guidance

  • LPS COVID-19 protocols: LPS COVID-19 Protocols SY 22-23 English (Spanish)
  • Masks: Masking is currently optional in LPS buildings and on LPS transportation. Any student, staff or visitor who wishes to wear one is welcome to bring and wear their own (masks are available at school sites if needed). Please note that masks are still required for all visitors to school nurses’ offices, per state and federal requirements for health and medical spaces.
  • Communications: Close contacts, to the greatest extent possible, will be informed directly by Health Services. All classroom families will be notified by their school. If there are multiple classrooms or cohorts with positive cases or if additional measures are implemented, the school community may be notified. School COVID data is available at any time by contacting your child’s school directly.
  • Hand-washing and sanitizing: Students will be required to wash hands frequently. When soap and water are not in close proximity, hand sanitizer will be provided. Families will receive school notifications regarding the use of alcohol based sanitizers.
  • COVID Testing: Students experiencing symptoms listed in the LPS COVID-19 Protocols should remain home. Should a student begin to experience or detect any of these symptoms while at school, they will be provided an at-home test at their dismissal, which may be administered by/with their parent or guardian while at home.


If your child is new to LPS and you have not yet registered, do so today. You can start by visiting our LPS Enrollment web page, or calling 978-975-5900.

Multilingual Learners

Our Parent Advisory Council (ELPAC) invites your participation. Membership is open to all parents and guardians of students who are or have been identified as English Learners. The council meets regularly throughout the year to discuss English learner experiences in LPS, learn more about Multilingual Learner Education (MLE) and related topics, as well as to discuss and make recommendations about multilingual learners to district representatives and leadership. 


You can visit Lawrence ELPAC for more information and to get involved.

School Dress

LPS requires uniforms for grades K-12. Individual schools determine the specific uniform requirements, typically voted upon by the School Leadership Team. Details for both the K-8 and high school expectations can be found on the LPS Policies web page. Please contact your school for specific questions.

Special Education

For questions or needs related to special education services, please contact the Special Education Director assigned to your child’s school (Directory available here).


The Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) invites your participation. You can find more information on the SEPAC here.


LPS students are eligible for transportation if they:

  • have transportation listed in their 504 or in their 504 or Individualized Education Plan (EIP)
  • have a medical situation that is approved by LPS Nursing Director
  • live in an area that has been determined to be unsafe to walk
  • attend Lawrence High School and live on the north side of the Merrimack River


Some homeless students and certain students in foster care may also meet the criteria for transportation eligibility.


Find more information at the LPS Transportation web page.