Maria Calobrisi, Principal

Michael Marzelli, Assistant Principal

Principal's Message

Welcome to the Parthum Elementary School! We are proud of our students, our staff, our families and our school. Our pride is reflected in our motto, our vision and, of course, our PRIDE. 

Mission Statement:  It is the mission of the Parthum Elementary School to provide a positive and rigorous educational experience where each member has the opportunity and responsibility to learn, the commitment to respect and be respected, and every occasion to achieve excellence.  We will persistently promote academic achievement, effective effort and local and global citizenship.

Expectations: In order to accomplish our mission, the Parthum Elementary School participates in a school-wide positive behavior approach and restorative practices.  These approaches promote our PRIDE values and establish the academic and social culture of our school, ensuring an engaging, supportive and safe learning environment for all students. PRIDE represents the values that are emphasized throughout the school. These values reinforce the lifelong skills needed to be a contributing member of our local and global communities. 

As you walk through the Parthum Elementary School you will see, hear and feel all that defines PRIDE by the expectations and actions for each word. We invite you to join us in supporting our students’ learning and contributions.

P come prepared to learn

R act with respect

I lead with integrity

D tackle with determination

E achieve excellence