Parthum Middle Events

Paint from Alice and Wonderland, 1908

Parthum Middle School's wonderful theater department has a performance of Alice in Wonderland on Wednesday, November 8th. Click the link below for all the information, or click read more for a transcription of the poster. 


Full Details about Alice and Wonderland Jr. 

group of students writing on white board

While renovations and annual cleaning continue at the Parthum Complex and other school buildings, students are still able to learn at Summer School. Several schools are holding classes at the UP Leonard building, including these Parthum Middle School students. Keep on learning!

Nurses from pediatrics accepting seventh grade peer leaders' donations of 26 hand made fleece blankets, 40 knit hats for babies, and get well cards for children who are in the hospital May 31 2018

Our awesome seventh grade peer leaders have been busy lately. They made twenty-six fleece blankets, knitted forty hats for new borns and crafted a bunch of get well cards. This is a picture of the nurses from pediatrics accepting seventh grade peer leaders' donations (May 31, 2018). Parthum students rock! 

Parthum teachers learning in the library

More than 40 LPS educators practiced the Principles of Quality Teaching for English Language Learners during the LPS professional development day on January 12th. Dr. Aida Walqui led this full day institute held at the Parthum Educational Complex.

Students stand next to tables full of donated food

Our great community really stepped up to support those in need. A huge thanks to all those who donated! The students were excited to see how powerful we can be when working together for a good cause.