Lawrence High School Campus Events

3 boys and 3 girls from the 2018 summer graduating class

2018 Summer Graduation had 80 Graduates bringing the total graduates for 2018 to 833! Congratulations class of 2018!

student with self portrait and flags

For this assignment, Ms. Brown's Introduction to Drawing Class was asked to depict themselves as the subject and to include some sort of symbolic content to reflect who they are and what is important to them. One can clearly see the pride and appreciation Destiny Soucy shows of her heritage with both the Dominican and Portuguese flags in the background and in the confident smile on her face. This is a determined young adult who is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone and attempt what may seem difficult or challenging. She has proven in this piece that with time, effort, and perseverance, she can accomplish a successful drawing that expresses who she is, inside and out!  Destiny is currently in military training for the US Army in a Fort Jackson, SC.  A true inspiration.

LHS graduate getting a hug from a teacher

Congratulations to all the Seniors from the 167th LHS Graduating Class. The ceremony was held in Veterans' Memorial Stadium with record crowds of friends and family to support them as they completed their High School careers and take the next steps. Enjoy some photos of the event here. View graduate list here.

LHS Dual Enrollment students with their diplomas from NECC

LHS Dual Enrollment students are ready for graduation and even more ready to start their educational carreers! Students who have participated in the LHS-NECC Dual enrollment program have had the opportunity to graduate high school with credits for college. Read more here.

group of scholarship recipients and donors

LHS hosted another successful Alumni Night recognizing students from Lawrence High School with scholarships in many categories. Congratulations to all recipients and thank you to the generosity of the alumni and families. Pictured are the three current students and some past recipients of the Gorham Family Award.