Lawrence Family Public Academy Events

student holding up artwork

This is Liam. He just turned 5 years old this past December. Liam is a role-model student who likes to work hard to reach great achievements.  He is reading at a second grade level and loves to do mental math way higher than his grade level. When he came to our student Liam was struggling with his fine motor skills. His writing was age appropriate, but his brain way ahead.  Now Liam’s handwriting is awesome. He is able to write sentences.

He is definitely one of Lawrence Public Schools finest. I am honored to be the first teacher to work with this young mind. Nature has done its job now nurture has come from us.

students sitting in a circle working with their teacher

All across the Lawrence Public Schools, the students are back. Pre-K and Kindergarten started just after Labor Day and students are already in class. Here at LFPA we are making friends and learning the rules of school. Have a great year everyone!

Picture of the children with Patriots teacher

Today our students came to school wearing their Patriots gear

 Honoring the Super Bowl LIII winner “New England Patriots".