Design Presentations to Leahy Elementary School Building Committee

Document that shows meeting dates and project dates for the Leahy School Building Project

Leahy Elementary Presentation to Lawrence Alliance for Education

Slide presented at the LAwrence Alliance for Education Meeting.

City Council Meeting

Slide presented at the City Council Meeting.

Lawrence Leahy School Poster

A information poster with on what started this project and what to expect from it.

Leahy Elementary School Building Committee Members

  • Mayor Brian A. DePeña, Chair
  • Juan Rodriguez, LPS Interim Superintendent
  • Patricia Mariano, LPS School Committee Member
  • Marcos Devers, Member, Community – Architecture, Engineering and Construction Experience
  • Ethel Cruz, LPS, Principal Leahy Elementary School
  • Robin Finn, LPS Leonard Middle School
  • Gloribel Gonzalez, Member, Community - Educator Felix
  • Odanis Hernandez, LPS, Chief Operating Officer
  • Ariel Perez, LPS Chief Financial Officer
  • Christopher Merlino, LPS, Director of Facilities
  • Walter Callahan, LPS, Director of Procurement
  • Theo Rosario, Acting City Engineer