Leahy Events

group of students and staff receiving donation

Leahy students and staff want to send a big "Thank You" to the Rotary Club and Target Methuen for their generous donation of hats and gloves to keep our students warm this Winter. 

Rotary Club members Sean Murphy and Ron Hil brought us this beautiful, new Winter gear last week. We appreciate such a generous donation!

students and staff with coat donations

Leahy School received hundreds of coats donated by the Rotary Club in a very generous and timely donation. These coats will keep many students warm in the cold weather. Thank you Rotary Club for this kind gift.

students holding drawing of the future new school

Exciting day at the Leahy School this week. Everyone involved in the project to build a new Leahy School came together to make things official with the Mayor's signature. Students will have a new state of the art facility within a few years of construction.

Congratulations and job well done!