International Academy Events

Students pose at entrance at The Museum of Science

Just before Christmas, INT students took a field trip to The Museum of Science.  This trip was sponsored by The Outing Club helmed by Science Teacher, Kurt Hood.  Students engaged with science, technology, engineering, and math via dynamic programs, stage presentations, and more than 700 interactive exhibits.  They also had the experience of the Mugar Omni Theater where the world's largest film format is projected onto a five-story-tall IMAX Dome screen, wrapping the students in larger-than-life images of flora, fauna, and faraway places. Students had a great time while experiencing science.

Parent Meeting at INT

Greetings from INT!   

More than 100 people attended the Holiday celebration at INT, on December 19th. Parents, students, and staff came together to celebrate students’ achievements, though a series of awards for perfect attendance, high honors and honors.  The evening was also an opportunity for INT students to showcase their hard work in Quarter 2, by presenting projects aligned with the quarter theme, inspiration, and the quarter-specific social-emotional competencies: impulse control, stress management, self-discipline, self-motivation, organizational skills, relationship building and teamwork. The highlights of the evening included students’ inspirational speeches, digital stories, and a musical moment featuring typical holiday songs from the Caribbean Islands.

Students in front of Cor Unum

Three INT clubs--Girl's Club, Boyz to Men, and the Outing Club--joined forces for the good of Lawrence, performing community service at Cor Unum.  Good Work, INT!

Students holding flags on rocks

    Congratulations to INT’s science teacher, Kurt Hood, who has received a grant funding his outing club proposal. The overarching purpose of the INT Outing Club is to provide students with an enriched learning environment that exposes them to multiple real life experiences that take place outside of the classroom. With a focus on community service and outreach, and an appreciation of self-worth, the Outing Club intends to show students the tremendous value in teamwork and helping others. Through volunteering and various field trips, students will learn valuable life lessons, which they can then apply in the classroom and into their own lives.

    The SEL competencies as outlined by CASEL are key focal points for the mission of this group. These outings/experiences will reinforce these competencies and help students to see how these values can be applied in real life, day-to-day interactions. Moreover, the focus of this group is intended to help students explore their new surroundings, increase civic engagement (aligned with LHS core values) and enhance their overall high school experience within the International School at Lawrence High School.

Students in front of Plaque bearing names of fallen LHS students

Dulce et Decorum Est pro patria mori:  These are the first words of a Latin saying taken from an ode by Horace.  They are also the final lines of a poem about WWI written by Wilfred Owen.  The words were widely understood and often quoted during World War I.  They mean:  "It's sweet and right to die for your country."  In other words, it is a wonderful and great honor to fight and die for your country.  

On Saturday, Nov. 10, the INT Senior Class Officers and other students participated in a ceremony to honor the LHS students who fought and died in WWI. The ceremony took place at the 1918 marble plaque at the entrance of the building. INT students were honored to participate in this event and pay tribute to the LHS students who fought and paid the ultimate price for their country.