International Academy Events

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Congratulations to Mr. Whimpper Barahona, who was selected as one of the recipients of the prestigious Partnership Hero Award! The award was presented at the Lawrence Partnership Hero Summit, which took place on April 23rd. Mr. Barahona, who teaches Spanish at INT, received the award for going above and beyond in his efforts to make deep and impactful connections in service of student success. Great job, Mr. Barahona!

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    Lawrence High School fielded a team of students to participate in the Law Day Speech contest organized by the Lawrence Bar Association.

    Congratulations to the eight students and their teacher, Mary DeFelice, who represented INT at the Law Day Speech Contest, organized by the Lawrence Bar Association at the Fenton Judicial Center on May 1st, 2019.

  • The students from International Academy were:  Dannelys Gomera, Roanyer Rondon, Dariel DeJesus, Vidal Estevez, Selina Perez,
  • LHS students from other academies were  Joshua Figueroa, Angie Setiewan, and Darius Maker. 

Everyone delivered passionate five-minute speeches aligned with the Law Day theme:  Free Speech, Free Press, Free Society.  Great JOB LHS!

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    On April 11, 52 INT students participated in a luncheon on campus with 18 Upper School students. This event was part of the INT-USA Transitional plan, which allows INT students who will potentially transfer to the Upper School next school year to gain awareness in regard to the programs offered on campus, as well as engage in conversations with USA ambassadors  (former INT students)  about the challenges and supports offered at Upper School.

    The luncheon, led by School Culture Specialist Armani Fiato and Dean of Students Carlos Cordero, allowed USA ambassadors and INT mentees to participate in team building activities, discuss assumptions versus reality at Upper School, as well as celebrate the achievements of former INT students. At the end of the luncheon, ambassadors and mentees exchanged contact information and enjoyed some tasty food and refreshments. The next phase of the transitional plan is Shadow Day, when INT students will have the opportunity to shadow USA students for a whole day!

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On Wednesday, April 10th, INT seniors had the opportunity to visit Northern Essex Community College at the Haverhill campus. Along with over 300 students from other local high schools, our students were able to sit in on real college classes with NECC students. There were over 50 classes to choose from, and the students were given the freedom to choose a class that interested them.  Additionally, our students received a tour of the campus, spoke with NECC’s clubs and organizations, and had the independence to be a college student for a day. We are all grateful for this wonderful opportunity!

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An INT student who is unable to attend school due to a longterm illness, participates in her ELA class via SKYPE!  This student, who also receives tutoring, "attends" class and participates fully in collaborative exercises with her (physically) present partner and compadre, Yisdainii Castillo.  Congratulations to INT Administration, and Yisdaini, who worked together to make sure the technology and resources are available so that this student can fully participate in class.  GREAT JOB, INT!