International Academy Events

Students standing on bleachers

On Wednesday, April 10th, INT seniors had the opportunity to visit Northern Essex Community College at the Haverhill campus. Along with over 300 students from other local high schools, our students were able to sit in on real college classes with NECC students. There were over 50 classes to choose from, and the students were given the freedom to choose a class that interested them.  Additionally, our students received a tour of the campus, spoke with NECC’s clubs and organizations, and had the independence to be a college student for a day. We are all grateful for this wonderful opportunity!

Students with computer

An INT student who is unable to attend school due to a longterm illness, participates in her ELA class via SKYPE!  This student, who also receives tutoring, "attends" class and participates fully in collaborative exercises with her (physically) present partner and compadre, Yisdainii Castillo.  Congratulations to INT Administration, and Yisdaini, who worked together to make sure the technology and resources are available so that this student can fully participate in class.  GREAT JOB, INT!

Students in Assembly with people on stage

As part of the transition for International Students to the Upper School community, USA and INT have come together as part of a transition process.  The first step of this process took place on February 8, 2019, when USA administration, teachers, guidance, and former INT students came to International High School to conduct an informative assembly to help INT students prepare for this big step.  It was very illuminating for our students, who are excited and a little apprehensive about this upcoming change.

Students in front of Cor Unum

Three INT clubs--Girl's Club, Boyz to Men, and the Outing Club--joined forces...AGAIN...for the good of Lawrence, performing community service at Cor Unum.  Great Work, INT!

Students/teachers in front of classroom

Celebrating Collaborative Learning at INT

Almost 30 students and teachers presented at the INT PD on January 18th, celebrating the success of the latest initiative at INT: implementing effective collaborative learning strategies into instruction.  While it was a day off for students, many of them showed up to demonstrate the strategies teachers implemented during the month of December: Socratic seminar, jigsaw, paired conversation in character, carousel, gallery walk, interactive presentations etc. In addition to presentations, INT celebrated another major milestone: Alba Matos, who started her academic journey in the United States at INT, passed her last MCAS test, and was awarded a high school diploma. With the audience in tears, Principal, Geraldo Acosta, reminded Alba that success also means not giving up, remembering all the times Alba showed up at INT this year to participate in Math MCAS Prep sessions with Mr. Pichardo. At the end of the presentations, everyone enjoyed a potluck lunch!