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The High School Learning Center is dedicated to serving its students through various online learning platforms throughout this unprecedented emergency. Please read through our Remore Learning Plan and reach out if you have any questions. 


The High School Learning Center

Remote Learning Plan


The following shall be the remote work expectations during the shutdown period beginning the week of April 6th, 2020:


a) Members must hold office hours from 9:00am to 12:00pm each day when school would have been in session and must be available via an online platform (Zoom, Google Classroom, Google Hangouts,>and Email). Office hours schedule and content expectations will be determined by the principal/administrator of each school or department.


  • Parameters 9:00am-12:00pm
    • All assigned work must be on reinforcing standards already taught or deepening student learning.
    • No new learning should be conducted during this time. In these cases, we must consider equity of access and support for all students.       
    • Grading-
      • Right now the guidance is Credit/No Credit.  Please document all efforts made on your own, using your own system as you see fit
      • Nothing new should be recorded in PowerSchool except for make-up work.
      • Students will continue to have an opportunity to make up Term 3 assignments. Given the unprecedented situation, the second half of the year will be one longer term. (There will be no named Term 4) This will ensure that students have an opportunity to improve their grades and earn a passing grade for the term thus supporting engagement and earning credit in the second half of the year.
    • Connect socio-emotionally.
    • Google Hangout, Zoom, or other online platforms are appropriate to use during this time but should not be recorded by the Teacher or other students for privacy reasons if students are in live sessions. The following disclaimer should be read: “Today we are participating in remote learning through the use of video communication.  It is important that we continue to respect the privacy/confidentiality and intellectual property rights of our school community, both students and teachers. By participating, you as students agree that you will not save, record, share, or post this session or any photos/screenshots from this session.  I also agree that I will not save, record, share or post this session or any photos/screenshots from this session.
    • During this time, Teachers should be available to assist students with work, provide feedback to students on work or per DESE guidelines: large-group video or audio conference calls, 1:1 phone or video calls, email, work packets, projects, reading lists, online learning platforms, and other resources to effectively engage with students. These tools could be used to deliver lessons, provide individual student support, provide resources (including instructional material and student assignments), connect students to each other and the teacher, and provide feedback on student work


Here are some examples

  • Zoom or other media recorded lessons with independent student work after.
  • Self-directed session for students (Khan Academy, etc.) with independent practice. This could include a document with a link to at least one video, or a playlist of videos that students could self-select from depending on their comfort and prior knowledge with the material, with directions to take notes, followed by questions as independent practice.


  • Please support students in completing their online classes. Many of our students need to complete on-line classes to graduate. Some may have questions related to content. Your support and encouragement is essential to their success.
  • During this time, all advisors will host a video call community building check in circle at least once a week suggested on Wednesday at 10:00 or when convenient for the majority of the advisory group. This will be an opportunity for advisories to continue to build a united community, despite having to be apart. We know that it is critical for our students to feel connected to our community, and our community building circles are a critical way that we support that effort.


b) Members must prepare weekly student work. The format and content of the weekly student work will be determined by the principal/administrator of each school or department. The educators and educator teams/grades of each school or department may provide guidance or recommendations to the principal.


  • Parameters-


  • From now through April 9th teachers will engage all students in making up previous work from term three so students have an opportunity to raise their grade. Work needs to be posted for students who may or may not have to complete makeup work to be sure all students are engaged in learning.
  • In this first week, all educators should contact each student at least once and provide students with a list of assignments they need to make up or revise. We understand that most educators likely will have done this prior to school closing. We want to ensure that makeup work is communicated again in an effort to support student success. Connecting to students is our highest priority starting today and next week.
  • From April 13th on, educators will prepare lessons based on previously taught standards to reteach and to dive deeper in major/focused standards for student work. Educators should prioritize standards that a majority of students have not yet mastered based on student achievement data to maximize learning time and make it the most meaningful.
  • Lesson materials and student facing documents should be posted the Friday before each week in Google Classroom.
  • Educators will add all administrators as co-teachers in their Google Classroom as well as appropriate support staff.
  • Assignments should be weekly, consisting of a minimum of 1 assignment each week, not to exceed a maximum of 2 assignments each week, or multiple shorter assignments, depending on the length of each assignment and expectation. Total assignment(s) length should equate to approximately 2 hours per week per class.
  • Each assignment should include some form of instruction, such as a video that will support student learning. For example, an online video could be included. Another example would be a recorded video of a teacher teaching a mini lesson. This will support student success in completing assignments.
    • Assignments may include suggested due dates but there are no penalties for late submissions. “This is your assignment for the week that goes towards your passing and earning credit. I have provided this for you so that you can stay engaged with your learning during this closure. I strongly encourage that this is what you work on during the week and I am available 9-12pm on [insert video platform] to assist you with it if you need help or provide feedback.”
    • Students that do not respond each week or “turn anything in” in a specific class should be contacted by the classroom teacher and all efforts should be logged in the student contact logs.
    • After multiple engagement attempts of student and parent/adult supporters and all efforts have been documented in the student contact logs, you should add the students name in the student engagement tracker that  will be created and shared so that supporting staff can aid in remote engagement.


c) Members are expected to have direct communication or interaction with each of their assigned students at least once a week.

  • Parameters-
    • Aside from communicating with students in your academic classes 9-12pm, HLC staff members will communicate and log student outreach in their advisory weekly beginning the week of April 6, 2020 in their Google student contact logs.
    • These communications serve two purposes:
      • Connect socio-emotionally. If students are in need of a more targeted level of support for SEL purposes, please contact Aida Soriano our school adjustment counselor and our guidance counselor Tracy Cummings, as well as administration as necessary to alert of the situation as soon as possible.
      • Check in with students about their progress in their classes, including reviewing grades, and progress in online classes. We know that our students need many touch points, and these changes may be challenging for many of our students.


d) Members must be available to consult with parents upon request via electronic and/or telephonic means during the normal workday or at other reasonable, mutually agreeable times.


e) Members must participate in one (1) online staff meeting up to sixty (60) minutes per week which will be scheduled by the building principal or department administrator.

  • Parameters-
    • HLC Staff meetings will be conducted from 12:00pm -1:00pm via Zoom each Thursday afternoon. This may be adjusted as needed.
    • We will occasionally meeting content teams for professional development
      • Special education teachers and English language learner teachers should collaborate with the content teachers they support once a week during this time.
      • Staff may voluntarily meet as desired or needed with one another in addition to the above to collaborate and to support one another.


f) Members must be available by phone, Google Hangouts, Zoom, or email for consultations, including professional development, with administrators between 8:00am-3:00pm.

  • Parameters-
    • Teachers are working 9-12 with the purpose of getting face time with students and teaching via virtual learning platforms; office hours are intended for student FaceTime.
    • Between the hours of 12-3, teachers are prepping lessons and materials and attending PD (if applicable)
    • The 8:00 am - 9:00 am & 12pm - 3pm is for planning, professional development, family meetings, emails, and other activities
    • Non instructional staff should be doing outreach to students and families each day. Additionally, they may hold Zoom meetings or Google Hangouts with groups of individuals. Between the hours of 12-3, they may be collaborating with teachers on what students and families may need for additional support, and attending PD (if applicable). Non instructional staff will receive additional guidance on priorities and work from the principal.