Hennessey Events

Mrs. Merlino and Bobble Head Twin

Great performance yesterday! Mrs. Merlino and her twin. 


ATTENTION Preschool and Kindergarten Families!  Come to the Hennessey School Open House and Ice Cream Social on Friday, August 25, 2017! Meet your teachers and share an ice cream.

Preschool begins at 10:00 AM, Kindergarten begins at 1:00 PM




Students pointing while reading "The Bear ate Your Sandwich"

Younger students from across the District participated in the annual Jumpstart Read for the Record on October 27th. All classes read "The Bear Ate Your Sandwich" by Julia Sarcone-Roach and had fun learning new vocabulary and figuring out what happened to the sandwich. Great work on those reading skills, boys and girls!q

Commissioner speaking to students from the Hennessey

Hennessey School received a special visit earlier today when Commissioner Chester and a group from CCSSO toured the school and participated in the classroom lessons.

Student presenting their red clifford art

Hennessey School students finished up their time in Summer School this week completing puzzles and other activities. They spent their Summer learning time over at the Guilmette Elementary School and will be back at their own school this Fall.