Principal's Message

The Gerard A Guilmette Middle School is a community of learners comprised of committed students, dedicated staff, and a team of parents and community members that are all focused on the successful development of our students.  We have over 500 students, a full complement of teachers, paraprofessionals, specialists, enrichment partners, and central office personnel who are all devoted to seeing our 2019-2020 mission through.

Our Mission Statements reads: “Our goal is to develop dependent learners into independent thinkers.” Our entire learning organization believes in our Mission Statement and most importantly, the collective work we are doing to accomplish these rigorous goals.

We will start this very important work with developing our students. This directly aligns with our school’s core value of support. Our teachers will facilitate high academic expectations as an ally to stretch and empower students as learners.

In order to move away from dependency in the classroom, we will focus on the core value of growth. Educators at Guilmette Middle School will build independent student ownership and confidence to take on new challenges.

When developing our students into critical thinkers, we will lean on our value of mindfulness. Our students will be given complex tasks that allow them to demonstrate critical thinking and grade level mastery.

In order to push our community of learners and reach our rigorous goals, our learning community must be dedicated to not only our core values, but also to the belief that all students are capable of becoming independent thinkers who are consistently accessing complex texts, problem solving, and using other critical thinking skills. Our commitment to developing independent thinkers happens collectively through the work being accomplished by dedicated staff members, including our enrichment partners who give so much to our developing learners each week. 

We are committed to seeing our mission through, and we know that each of our partnerships with families and community members will allow our vision for our students to come to fruition.

Jessica Cunningham, Principal

Bridget Scollan, Assistant Principal