Guilmette Elementary Events

group of children holding award

Congratulations to these amazing 4th graders who earned the Good Manners Character Award!  These students were caught using words such as please, thank you, sorry and also held doors for their friends!  We are so lucky to have these leaders in our school:)

Back to School

Welcome back to school Guilmette Elementary staff and students!  Mrs. Rossi's first grade class room 101 participated in creating a spider web with the entire class contributing.  It was so much fun working together and making new friends!  Have a great school year:)

Students in red shirts on playground

Guilmette Elementary students and staff raised over $850 for the Heart Association!  Students participated in heart healthy activities coordinated by amazing staff members, Casey Grange and Lori Burnham.  It was so much fun jumping, running, and having fun at each of the exercise stations.  Thank you for promoting a healthy lifestyle, and raising funds for a worthy cause!

mosaic mural

The Guilmette Elementary Mosaic Mural was recently installed on the the columns of the fourth grade pod.  Third and fourth graders collaborated with mural artist David Fichter during February Academy to create a mosaic mural titled, "Celebrating Immigration and the Colors of Us."  Congratulations to all of the students who tirelessly cut glass tiles and created all of these incredible pictures!  You are amazing:) 

Good Listeners

Congratulations to these 4th grade leaders who recently earned the Good Listener Character Award!  These students exhibited listening behaviors when friends, staff and teachers were speaking to them.  What a great tool they have mastered and modeled at our school:)