Guilmette Middle Events


Fishman Transducers, a guitar tech company in Andover, just donated hundreds of dollars worth of equipment to GMS!!!! We have the privilege of using their high quality portable sound system (complete with a standing speaker, a mixer, and a subwoofer), a guitar equipped with their new TriplePlay technology (which allows us to play different sounds through computer programs using a guitar), a mini amplifier, and acoustic guitar pick-ups!!! This generous donation will allow us to expand our music program by allowing for more exciting songwriting, more professional in-class performances, and access to top of the line equipment. We are so grateful, and we can't wait to show the Fishman company and the Lawrence community how we will use these tools!


Last week, our 8th graders took a field trip to the Museum of Science and Harvard in Boston. At the museum, they explored all kinds of experiments, studies, and hands-on activities. Pictured is a group of students attempting to reconstruct the human body. Students were also able to experience a real bed of nails, a rollercoaster simulator, a space capsule, and learn about the science of sound. They returned to the Guilmette with new information and a new love for the wonderful world around us!


At the Guilmette Middle School, students have the opportunity to engage in several different after school activities. This picture shows students working at the mentor-mentee after school program, which runs every Monday from 3:30- 4:30pm. The mentors are helping out newcomers on how to adapt to this school culture and they are also helping them out with their math-science homework.

Students can also join knitting club, art club, bucket drumming, Helping Hands, and many other activities.

A student's artistic and written reflection of her time at Quarrybrook.

"I loved how green the whole place was and I could just walk and enjoy nature."

This picture and statement came from a 6th grader's experience at Quarrybrook this past Tuesday. Quarrybrook is a private  non-profit organization dedicated to providing hands-on, inquiry-based learning experiences in nature located in Windham, New Hampshire. Another student's reflection read: "Today I learned about kinetic energy and potential energy and how animals move or stay in place or don't want to move. Also I learned about little plants that fall off trees."

The Quarrybrook staff members provide students with the opportunity to participate in standards-based field classes that are driven by exploration, investigation, and a sense of fun and adventure. Students can also explore the Education Center, where they see examples of green technology and are able to study how those systems work.

GMS is fortunate to send several groups of students to Quarrybrook throughout the year, and it is clear that this most recent cohort of students had an enriching, educational experience.

students during enrichment

Enrichment programs returned to the Guilmette Middle School last Wednesday, September 13th! This year, we are fortunate to have our specials teachers joining the team of enrichment partners to teach the variety of programs that we offer. We are happy to have many diverse options for students - from Fitness to Advanced Art; Shark Tank to Musical Theatre; Coding to PREP. Students were given the privilege of indicating preferences and will be placed in their top choice at some point during the school year. Teachers are able to connect directly with the school through our specialists and administrators. We are looking forward to a year filled with learning, collaboration, and growth through our enrichment programs!