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Congratulations to our Grade 8 Graduates. We wish you all the Best in your future endeavors.

 Families can view at this link


On Thursday, June 10, the Frost Middle School will host a final parade assembly to honor our grade 8 graduates.  Please arrive to Hamlet Street between 2:00PM and 3:00PM as Frost Complex staff pay tribute to the fantastic class of 2021! 


Please note that we will begin Chromebook retrieval for remote students in Grade 8 on Wednesday, June 9 from 1:00PM to 3:00PM in the middle school office.  A schedule for grades 5, 6 and 7 will be shared with students to retrieve Chromebook devices prior to summer vacation.

Thank you for your continued support throughout the school year! 


Summer 21

FRM Summer School

We invite FRM students in grades 5-8 to attend our summer academic program.  We have increased our target invitation to 30% of student enrollment and added at least one Unified Arts/PE Teachers position.  Our summer program will run in person.  Students will remain with their respective teaching Teams. 

Here's the link for our online google registration form:


FRM Summer School Dates and Times

Summer School Dates

  • Week 1:    June 28 - July 1            
  • Week 2:    July 5 - July 8
  • Week 3:    July 12 - July 15            
  • Week 4:    July 19 - July 22            
  • Week 5:    July 26 - July 29


Student Schedule 

  • Class – 8:00AM to 1:00PM
    Breakfast should take place before 8:00 AM. 
    Lunch should take place before 1:00 PM.

Summer School Site

Includes FRO, FR

Frost Complex


FRM Summer School Curriculum
  • Curriculum (Level Up) 
    Curriculum materials from the school will be used to take advantage of our in-house resources across the grade levels.
  • FRM Summer School Contact Information
    Please contact the Frost Middle School at 978-722-8810.  The Program’s Facilitators are Jennifer Sirois and Brian Lizotte.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Where do students who are “graduating” from our school attend for summer school?
  • Students will stay with their respective school and staff.  This allows students to be around teachers and staff with whom they are familiar.
    Is there transportation available for students? (Level Up)
  • Unfortunately, there is no transportation available for students.
    Is there an Enrichment Camp from 1:00PM - 3:00PM after summer school? 
  • Unfortunately, there will not be an enrichment camp offered at FRM beyond the summer program hours.
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FRM Community, 

Thank you for your continued partnership during this unprecedented school year.  In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have been working closely with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) to implement a free COVID-19 pooled testing program for students and staff at our school.


Pooled testing involves mixing several individuals’ test samples together into one “pool” and then testing the pooled sample for COVID-19. This approach increases the number of individuals that can be tested at one time and allows us to regularly test our school community for COVID-19.


The pooled tests will be performed at least once per week with a shallow nasal swab for all participating students and staff members.  PARTICIPATION IS VOLUNTARY.  Schools will receive the pool results within 24-48 hours.  If the result of the pool is negative, then all individuals are presumed to not have COVID-19.  If the result of the pool is positive, then all individuals in the pool must be retested individually.  Because pooled testing does not give individual results, you will only be notified if your child requires follow-up testing.  Our school will be providing the Abbott BinaxNOW Rapid Antigen Diagnostic Tests for follow-up testing, so that students or staff in a positive pool can be tested as soon as possible and receive individual results in 15 minutes.


Testing staff has been thoroughly trained on how to administer pooled testing, as well as the Abbott BinaxNOW Rapid Antigen Diagnostic Tests, if they are needed for follow-up testing.  The school nurse will call you if your child is part of a positive pool and requires follow-up testing.  The nurse will also notify you of the individual follow-up test results, if your child is positive or negative and what to do in each scenario.  LPS will report all follow-up test results to the Department of Public Health, and provide positive follow-up test results (without names or other identifying information) to DESE’s Rapid Response Help Unit.


To give permission for your child to participate in the COVID-19 Pooled Testing Program at our school, including: *consent to transmit student information via the pooled testing technology platform

*consent for any necessary follow up tests

*consent to share the test result information with the Department of Public Health and Project Beacon (a third party [non-profit] organization contracted to compile consent for testing and to share test results)


please fill out the yellow paper consent form you received this week and return by Monday, May 17th.


We are extremely grateful to our committed staff and families that continue to show great flexibility and resilience as we navigate through this school year.  It takes all of us working together to contain the spread of this virus.  LPS is excited to add pooled testing as another mitigation strategy for our school community, as we continue to work together toward the safe return of all students and staff to school.


If you have questions regarding the COVID-19 Pooled Testing Program please reach out to us.

Thank you!


Please see the following link to a video of a second grader demonstrating how to do a self-swab.

frost complex

Please Read Letters to Parents 


Remote MCAS Parent Letter


MCAS Student Responsibilities



FRM MCAS Testing Calendar 2021

May 10 -- Grade 5 ELA In-Person

May 11 -- Grade 5 ELA Remote

May 12 -- Grade 5 ELA Make-Ups

May 13 -- Grade 5 Math In-Person

May 14 -- Grade 5 Math Remote

May 17 -- Grade 8 ELA In-Person

May 18 -- Grade 7 ELA In-Person

May 19 -- Grade 7/8 ELA Remote

May 20 -- Grade 6 ELA In-Person

May 21 -- Grade 6 ELA Remote

May 24 -- Grade 8 Math In-Person

May 25 -- Grade 7 Math In-Person

May 26 -- Grade 7/8 Math Remote

May 27 -- Grade 6 Math In-Person

May 28 -- Grade 6 Math Remote

May 31 -- NO SCHOOL

June 1 -- Grade 8 Science In-Person

June 2 -- Grade 5/8 Science Remote

June 3 -- Grade 5 Science In-Person