Students recorded by film crew

On May 2nd and 3rd a film crew form The Teaching Channel visited ENLACE. They filmed an Algebra class, a Wolrd Studies class, a leadership seminar, and a school-wide Community Circle, where students presented their work to a packed room of peers and teachers. The crew also interviewed students about their experience and filmed a math team common planning time meeting and teacher coaching session. The final edited videos will be posted on The Teaching Channel in September 2018 as part of their "ELL Deep Dive" project, which features examples from schools across the country that are providing strong instructional supports for English Language Learners. Awesome work ENLACE students and teachers!

ENLACE and Andover High Students cleaning river

Students formENLACE Joined forces with a group doing some Senior Week community service from Andover High School and the Tri Town Coalition to clean up the trails along the Shawsheen River near the LHS Campus. Grounwork Lawrence provided the supplies needed to bag up huge piles of trash left along the trails. Way to get involved in the community - let's help them by keeping those trails clean!

Speaker in front of DR, PR, and Guatemalan flags

Nearly 200 people gathered on Wednesday night for ENLACE's second annual Storytellers' Cafe. Students shared their immigration stories with an audience of classmates, teachers, community partners, and district leaders. The event also showcased student work and featured performances from the ENLACE Theater Company.

Students at Model UN

ENLACE students participated in their first-ever Model United Nations simulation. They had spent the term researching countries to become informed delegates and learning about their countries' healthcare system, infrastructure, geography, economy, and government. Their hard work culminated in the final simulation on pandemic response, during which student delegates presented speeches and engaged in debate to determine how the UN should respond to the next pandemic. 

Film Maker speaks to students

Students from INT and ENLACE are taking part in a special workshop during vacation week. Film maker Jean Michel Dissard was joined by two students featured in his film "I Learn America" and have inspired our students in Lawrence to find their voice and tell their own story of being a teenager and learning a new country at the same time. Learn more about "I Learn America" here.