Rollins Events

group of students in class with teachers

LPS celebrated National Inclusion Week December 6-10th. This is the annual celebration of togetherness, recognizing inclusion in all of its forms. Several schools hosted an “Inclusion Spirit Week” including the Rollins School where Thursday’s theme taught the PreK and K students that “Inclusion is inviting everyone to play!”.  Students brought their favorite stuffed friend to the school.

Preschoolers exploring their sense of smell and taste.

Rollins Preschoolers: How do we use our senses to explore, investigate, and understand the world around us?

photo of student

Learners at the Rollins explored ramps and gravity while designing a ball drop.

student photo

Rollins Learners enjoyed water exploration during outdoor play this week!

Student Observing plants

Preschoolers essential question "How do plants grow and why are they important?"