The following standard is for all LPS schools, grades K-8, unless a school community has voted on a variation, in which case it is listed below these standards. 

  • White Polo Shirt with or without embroidered Lawrence Public Schools logo  
  • Navy Blue Pants/Slacks (no jeans allowed)  
  • Navy Blue Skirt or Jumper  
  • Navy Blue Shorts or Bermuda Shorts  
  • Navy Blue Crew Neck Sweater or Sweatshirt  
  • Navy Blue Sweatpants or Athletic Shorts for Gym only
  • White or Light Gray T-Shirt for Gym only (not oversized)  
  • White Turtleneck during the winter months, with or without LPS logo 

Arlington Schools (Elementary and Middle)

  • White shirts (with or without a collar)
  • Navy pants, sweatpants, shorts, leggings, skirts (no jeans, but all other fabric is acceptable)
  • School spirit gear (purchased at the school)

Bruce School

  • In addition to the LPS uniform standards, students may also wear black pants and/or a navy blue shirt

Frost Elementary School

  • Navy Blue Pants/Slacks (no jeans)
  • Navy Blue Shorts 
  • Navy Blue Skirt or Jumper
  • Navy Blue Crew Neck Sweater or Sweatshirt
  • Navy Blue Sweatpants 
  • White shirts - polo shirt, button down shirts, turtleneck shirt, t shirt

Frost Middle School

  • In addition to the LPS standard, students may also wear beige, khaki, or gray pants in addition to navy blue.  
  • In addition to the LPS standard, students may wear navy blue on top, as well as gray shirts for physical education.  

Guilmette Middle School 

  • In addition to the LPS standards above, shorts will be allowed during warmer months 

Oliver Partnership School

  • Red or white solid color shirts
  • Gray t-shirts (available for purchase through the school)
  • Navy Blue Pants, shorts, skirts or jumpers (no jeans allowed)   

Parthum Elementary

  • In addition to LPS uniform standards above, students are allowed to wear Parthum PRIDE gear, but are not required to.
  • In colder weather, logo-free navy blue sweatshirts and/or white turtlenecks are also allowed 

Parthum Middle 

  • White or navy blue polo shirts
  • Blue or Khaki pants/ bermuda shorts/ skirts (skirts and shorts should fall just above knee or longer)
  • Any color Parthum Middle School spirit gear sold at school
  • Blue, white or gray sweaters/sweatshirts (logo-free).


  • Solid black shirts (solid gray or white shirts may also be worn)
  • Khaki (tan) pants 

Spark Academy  

  • Solid Navy Blue Short-Sleeve or Long-Sleeve Shirt
    • Uniforms do not have to have the Spark Academy logo and can have other school appropriate logos that are small enough to cover with student’s arm length.    
  • Sweat Pants in any color
  • Sneakers are the only acceptable footwear and must be worn everyday

Tarbox School

  • In addition to the LPS standards, students may wear their Tarbox t-shirts

UP Academy Leonard (UAL)

  • Professional Tan or navy blue khaki pants or knee-length Bermuda shorts (no cargos, joggers, jeans, corduroy, etc.). Must be worn with a belt.
  • UAL polo shirt, optional UAL sweatshirt*
  • Shoes must be all black, closed toed, no heels. Logos cannot be larger than a quarter. Boots are allowed, but they must be short or worn underneath pants.
  • Black, brown, white, navy blue, or khaki belt

Physical Education: (Required 1st trimester for 6th graders, 2nd trimester for 7th graders, 3rd trimester for 8th graders)

  • UAL shorts or sweatpants, any UAL shirt, black shoes.

UP Academy Oliver (UAO)  

  • Tops:
    • UP Academy Oliver polo with the official logo.
      • Any UP Academy Oliver t-shirt, including gym shirt.  
  • Sweaters 
    • Solid navy-blue colored sweaters/sweatshirts.
    • No hoods are allowed inside the building
    • Sweaters may not have patterns or logos, except for the UP Academy logo.
  • Pants/Shorts 
    • Any type of school-appropriate pants.
    • Knee-length skirts or shorts.
    • Students may wear sweatpants or gym shorts.  
    • No ripped jeans are allowed.
  • Shoes, Sneakers, and Boots
    • Any color sneaker or flat. 
    • NO SANDALS or open-toed shoes at any time.  
    • Students may wear boots to school. However, it is preferred that they have sneakers/flats in their backpacks to change into.
    • NO HATS OR BANDANAS may be worn inside the school at any time per LPS policy [Hats may be allowed when indicated for certain dress down days] 

*UPL/UPO gear may be purchased at La Moda on Essex Street or from the school during their Orientation events and other school activities.