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Tune in when the graduation starts to see the broadcast of 2023 LHS Graduation ceremony live.

Meet the members of the 2023 Frost Middle Honor Society.

Lawrence High School boys volleyball - played on 5-22-23.

Meet the Lawrence High Schools cadets in the JROTC program.

Lawrence High School boys volleyball vs CCHS - played on 5-15-23.

Meet the members of LHS girls and boys tennis teams.

Upcoming Events

6 Jun
Coffee Hour with Interim Superintendent Rodriguez
Date 6th of June 2023, Tuesday 05:30PM - 06:30PM
10 Jun
2023 June Mobile Market
10th of June 2023, Saturday 10:30AM - 11:30AM
17 Jun
Lawrence Citizenship Day
17th of June 2023, Saturday
19 Jun
Juneteenth Day - No School
19th of June 2023, Monday
24 Jun
Art Community Festival
24th of June 2023, Saturday 12:00PM - 05:00PM
11 Nov
Veteran's Day - No School
11th of November 2023, Saturday

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Hi Folks, time for another ST MATH check in…  
10/15/2014 DISTRICT ST MATH PROGRESS (15 Schools): 5% Syllabus Completion; 4% Standards Mastery
11/25/2014 DISTRICT ST MATH PROGRESS (15 Schools): 11% Syllabus Completion; 9% Standards Mastery
27% Syllabus Completion; 22% Standards Mastery GREAT WORK!   
RAY BORNO will be visiting LPS to stop by schools and check on ST MATH progress again in December.  We would love to visit schools that have not had a visit yet and check out ST MATH in progress.  I will be in touch to schedule a date and time for these visits.  
Several teachers meeting to discuss academic support during the recent teacher leader cabinet session shared their enthusiasm for ST MATH and the positive impact this resource is having for intervention and concept development.  Keep the reviews coming!
CHECK OUT the LPS WEBPAGE under Videos (Click on MORE VIDEOS)…  Look for ROLLINS EARLY CHILDHOOD CENTER and Kindergarten Teacher DIANE FORTIER’s ST MATH VIDEO.  Diane does an excellent job narrating this “inside look” at ST MATH at the Rollins School.  Many thanks to Diane and the Rollins Team for leading the JiJi fan club!  PLEASE reach out to Dave Pekarski to schedule an ST MATH video journal for your school!
Has your class reached 10% SYLLABUS PROGRESS?  If so be on the lookout for a postcard from JiJi! JiJi travels all over and is anxious to send you a postcard to celebrate your success!   
NOTE:  A review of the district level report reveals a number of schools with high levels of “Students with Alerts” – many schools are posting 41% - 53% of students with these “alerts”.  As a reminder, teachers should be accessing the teacher console daily to determine confusions and clear trouble spots.  It is also desirable for teachers to monitor students as they work on the puzzles.  The screens offer an alert border (yellow, red) for unresolved hurdles or students who require some intervention before continuing.  These supports will reduce the level of student alerts and will support continued syllabus progress and standards mastery.  
REMINDER:  Teachers have access to “turn on” FLUENCY PRACTICE (suggested for 10 min fact practice, teachers set the time).  Congrats to Arlington Middle and Parthum Middle for posting progress AND mastery in FLUENCY PRACTICE!  Do other schools need math fact practice?  Turn on FLUENCY!  
Are teachers assigning ST MATH for Homework?  See #2 below…  
  1. You should have received confirmation of your NEXT ST MATH PD (last formal one for this year).  PLEASE be sure to reach out to JENNIFER MARTINEZ with any questions or clarifications prior to your training.   
  2. By this time you should have sent the ST MATH PARENT HANDOUT home with students (Eng/Span).  This explains access for homework use.  Attached again for your reference is the ONE PAGER to help teachers learn how to set up the HOMEWORK PATHS for students.  Please be sure these have been shared with teachers. 
  3. Also attached again is the GUIDE FOR PRINCIPALS.  This guide outlines the best ways to be successful with ST MATH.  As with most initiatives, it calls for us to PLAN, MONITOR, and CELEBRATE SUCCESS.  If you have found any other creative ways to do this, please SHARE with me so that our LPS ST MATH NETWORK can learn from your ideas! 
Some quick benchmark reminders to KEEP FOCUSED….
✓  Our school has one or more key people assigned as the ST MATH TEAM to ensure fidelity of implementation.
✓  We are in touch with Jennifer Martinez, our Research Education Support Specialist at least weekly to discuss strategies, successes, and challenges.
✓  Our assigned students are completing at least 60 min/week (Grade K-2) and 90 min/week (Grades 3-8).
✓  We are meeting our goals of 3% PROGRESS EACH WEEK leading to 75% completion before MCAS MATH in MAY and 100% by the end of the year. 
✓  Teachers are regularly checking progress reports and responding to ALERTS as needed. 
✓  We encourage students to “THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK”.
✓  We are using TEACHER MODE to promote discussion and understanding.
✓  Ensure students have paper/pencil and/or whiteboards available as they work.
✓  RECOGNIZE and APPLAUD students/classes who make 3% progress each week.
✓  Look forward to a postcard from JiJi once class has reached 10% SYLLABUS COMPLETION.
✓  Utilize the PROGRESS CHARTS provided by MIND.