District Events

Parthum boys basketball team

Congratulations to the Parthum Boys Intramural Basketball Team for their 62 - 49 win over a strong Guilmette squad. The Parthum is continiuing their IM streak for the 3rd year taking home the IM basketball championship.

Guilmette girls basketball team

In a hard fought 34 - 32 win over the Parthum School, the Guilmette Girls came out ahead and won this year's Intramural Basketball finals. Great job to all teams, players and coaches!

Middle School students celebrate IM victory Girls SoccerOver 1100 students participated in the LPS Fall Middle School Intramural program this year. Playoffs were held on Saturday, November 5.

Congratulations to the winning teams:


Girls 5&6 – Arlington/Guilmette Combination Team (pictured here)

Boys 5&6 – Arlington

Girls 7&8 – Spark

Boys 7&8 – Spark


5&6 – Frost

7&8 – Arlington


Girls 5&6 – Frost

Boys 5&6 – Arlington

Girls 7&8 – Arlington

Boys 7&8 - Arlington


 Brenda, Winner of MA Special Olympics

Xavier & Brenda win at Massachusetts State Special Olympics

Students clapping during the Merrimack Valley Special Olympics

Students from the Tarbox cheer on their teammates at the Merrimack Valley Special Olympics. Students from all the Lawrence Public Schools and around the Merrimack Valley took part in the activities at Veterans Stadium. Running and throwing competitions were great exercise and lots of fun for all. Volunteers, parents and students had a terrific day.