Abbott Lawrence Academy Events

ALA staff and students welcoming incoming freshmen

On Saturday, May 19th the class of 2022 had their first orientation day. They were greeted by ALA staff and about 20 Orientation Leaders from the current classes. The incoming freshmen met in small groups with their Orientation Leaders, who will guide them throughout their transition process and first months of high school. Welcome to the ALA class of 2022!

A group of ALA students and staff posing in front of a quote in the JFK Library

On Friday April 27th, sophomore APUSH students from ALA visited the JFK Museum & Library in Boston. They participated in a document-based workshop about Civil Rights and the Cold War and toured the museum. Students had the unique opportunity to discuss primary sources from the time period and to see examples of history, like a piece of the Berlin Wall, first-hand before they take the upcoming Advanced United States History Exam. 

Students gathered around in a circle in the Learning Commons

ALA sophomores were acting out the infamous gang fight between the Montagues and the Capulets at the start of Romeo and Juliet, focusing on the wordplay, puns, and lawlessness of the scene. Afterwards, students returned to the classroom and cut their own 20-line adaptation of the scene. They will go on to watch excerpts of two filmed versions of the scene and compare how different directors adapt a script to their own purposes.

Seven ALA students standing in a group

Members of ALA’s Excel Club attended the Police and Fire Safety Awards Ceremony on February 21st, an event put on by the Exchange Club of Lawrence. The event honored the Police, Firefighter and EMT/Paramedics of the year for the communities of Lawrence, Andover and North Andover.

Incoming students and ALA faculty standing on the LHS main stair case

Last Friday, March 9th, was the 4th annual ALA Welcome Reception! We celebrated the 100 students who were selected as members of the fourth class of Abbott Lawrence Academy. It is hard to believe our little school that started with 92 students in year one is now adding its fourth class and will be a full 9-12 experience.