Pep Rally

On October 31st, the ALA Staff and Students celebrated the second annual Academic Pep Rally to recognize students' academic achievements. Students were honored for their MCAS Scores, AP Scores and qualifying for the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship in addition to a surprise music video performed by the ALA Staff, entitled "Star Students", adapted from Nicki Minaji's "Starships." 

  • 100% Pass rates for Physics, Math and ELA 
  • 51% Advanced scorers for Freshmen Physics
  • 80% Advanced scores for Sophomore ELA
  • 79% Advanced scores for Sophomore Math
  • 100% Pass rates on AP Spanish Language and Culture exam with all students scoring 4's and 5's
  • 63% Pass rate on the AP Language and Composition exam, beating the national average of 57%
  • 100% Pass rates for 2017-2018 Merrimack College Intro to Biological Principles 
  • 98% Pass rates for 2017-2018 Merrimack College Intro to Government and Politics Course
  • Growing our Early College Program Partnership at Merrimack College from 57 students in year one of the program last year to 140 ALA students taking Early College Courses at Merrimack College!!

Watch the ALA staff music video here!