In the picture from left to right, winners of gold medal for Battery Buggy at Science Olympiad with Doug Prime - Director of STEM Programs at YDO and Giancarlos Jaime-Guzman volunteer teacher/coach at YDO for STEM Programs.

Giancarlos Jaime-Guzman has been volunteering at the Youth Development Organization (YDO) teaching and coaching kids from elementary & middle school in an engineering class, called Battery Buggy (along with the Director of STEM Programs Doug Prime). On Saturday March 3rd, these students participated at the Science Olympiad and two of his students won gold! This is the first gold medal for YDO at the Science Olympiad. Congratulations to YDO and all the kids who participated! We are very proud of Giancarlos for volunteering, teaching, and coaching his students to success.  

Giancarlos volunteered & taught Battery Buggy at YDO from January - March 2018 a total of 33 hours. 

Earlier this school year he volunteered & taught Motorized Machines at YDO from September - December a total of 35 hours.