gwo bout bwa asye tache ak konsè vètikal

The team has now formed and poured concrete spread footings at the southern part of the new addition. Steel and metal decking have been delivered onsite and are being erected and installed throughout the site with the help of a crane. This will be an ongoing activity throughout the next couple of months. Construction has now moved its way into the existing building with the installation of floor-leveling material and preparations for window installations.



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  • Majistra Brian A. DePeña, Vil Lawrence, Prezidan Komite Bilding Lekòl la 
  • Juan P. Rodriguez, Sipèentandan Pwovizwa Lekòl Piblik Lawrence
  • Odanis Hernandez, Direktè Operasyon Lekòl Piblik Lawrence
  • Walter Callahan, Direktè Akizisyon Lekòl Piblik Lawrence
  • Timothy Caron, Lawrence Public Schools Manager Facilities & Plant
  • Shalimar Quiles, Direktè, Lekòl Elemantè Henry K Oliver
  • Jessica Deimel, Direktè, Henry K Oliver Middle School
  • Stephany Infante, Rezidan ak Manm Konsèy Vil Lawrence
  • Patricia Mariano, Komite Lekòl Lawrence 
  • Reprezantan Frank Moran, Rezidan ak Reprezantan Eta MA
  • Ariel Pérez, Ofisye Chèf Finansye Lekòl Piblik Lawrence
  • Massachusetts School Building Authority
  • Vil Lawrence
  • Lekòl Piblik Lawrence
  • Anser Advisory, Manadjè Pwojè Pwopriyetè a
  • SMMA, Designer
  • Konstriksyon Konstriksyon, Manadjè Konstriksyon