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Lawrence High School graduated 64 more Seniors in a special Summer ceremony. Congratulations to all the recent graduates. Best of luck!
Summer school students are finishing up this week and Summer High School Graduates are getting ready for their ceremony on August 6th in the Performing Arts Center.

30 of our Lawrence High School special olympics athletescompeted in this year's Summer Olympics. They stayed on Boston University campus and competed in the games at Harvard University bringing homelots of medals.

Brenda Garcia of HLD won two gold medals for the 25 meter women's assisted walk and the tennis ball throw. Xavier Gomez of PFA won 2 gold medals for the 25 meter obstacle course, and the tennis ball throw, Maylenis Polanco of MST won 2 gold medals for the 25 meter women's wheelchair race and the tennis ball throw, and Edgard Miranda of MST won 2 gold medals for the 25 meter men's assisted walk and the tennis ball throw. Come see them in action at Veterans' Stadium on June 10th.

Let the celebration begin! Lawrence High students cheer their success at their Friday night graduation ceremony. A shout out was given to Assistant Headmaster, Juan Rodriguez for keeping the ceremony on schedule while reading every one of the 750 names of the proud Lawrence Lancers graduates. Congratulations to all and best wishes as you take your next steps!
This impressive group of all-female Valedictorians from the Lawrence High School Class of 2015 were recognized recently for their hard-work with a citation from Mayor Rivera. Congratulations to all the Valedictorians!

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