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About 300 Lawrence High School freshman and juniors were joined by 20 guests from Andover High School for a motivational speech by Mr. Cid Wilson, a proud Dominican-American  Mr. Wilson earned a college degree in economics from The Ohio State University and through hard work and perseverance he rose from the mailroom to become a successful securities analyst recognized by Fortune magazine. Currently, he serves as president of the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility, where he advises Fortune 500 companies in areas of employment and governance. In 2009, President Obama appointed Mr. Wilson to the study commission of the National Museum of the American Latino. Mr. Wilson urged students to “Plan to achieve but dare to exceed,” assuring them that, “Great results you will see!”
Hundreds of Lawrence High School Seniors received scholarships during this year's Lawrence High Alumni Night. Good luck to all the recipients and best wishes next year!
This weekend market held at the Lawrence High School Campus helps provide nutritious food to local families several times during the year. All the ingredients for several well balanced meals are available from vegetables to rice and even frozen chicken and sauces. Volunteers help with distribution and nutrition educators are on hand to answer questions and get people thinking about good food choices.

Lawrence JROTC cadets attended the annual Fabulous Feast fundraising event. Ten Cadets helped out with organizing the event providing a Color Guard and a singer for the national anthem.

Web design students from the YTE class were recently featured on NECN's "Making the Grade". Check out their interview here: YTE on NECN

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