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Monday, June 19, 2017


HLC Blood Drive

The High School Learning Center is buzzing with activity as graduation season approaches. 

On Wednesday, May 10, the HLC held its fourth annual blood drive. Twenty five students and staff members donated their time and blood to the American Red Cross. 

In other news, the High School Learning Center was proud to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. Administration was extremely generous in providing teachers breakfast throughout the week and a great lunch to end the week.

To see more photos from HLC events, please check out our photo gallery!

HLC NECC College Day

For the sixth consecutive year, students from the High School Learning Center attended Northern Essex Community College's College for a Day event. 

Students were able to walk around NECC's Haverhill Campus on Thursday, April 13. Students were given a schedule and were allowed to attend real college classes in the areas of their interest. Students attended classes such as English Composition, Informational Techonolgy, Engineering, and more. 

Students also participated in the campus' Spring Jam event. Students performed for the crowd, attended informational sessions, and became a part of the NECC Haverhill community for the day. 

Click here to see more pictures from the event on the HLC Photo Gallery. 

HLC VW JobShadow

Students from the High School Learning Center participated in ValleyWork's National Job Shadow Day. 

Students enjoyed spending the day with professionals in careers of interest. It was a fun and exciting day for the students, the employers, and for us who got to witness the students’ positive attitudes and professionalism throughout the whole event.

A total of 15 students participated. At the end of the day 13 students mentioned that based on the exposure gained, they may pursue that field/career in the future. 

The following quotes from HLC students explain what they learned during this experience. 

Merrimack Valley Federal Credit Union

 "I learned that you need to be good in math…Math and communication skills…I like the human service part of it. I was surprise that some of them did not go to college but hold important positions in the company…It was a lot [of information].”

-Priscilla N.


“The federal credit union is not exactly the same as a bank…You will need to know a lot of math! I liked that everyone that works there is like a family and they care about everyone…It is so quiet and it takes a lot of patience.”

-Joshua B.


Lawrence General Hospital

"I learned how EKG works…Communication skills and knowing what is good for the patient…I liked how you meet people who really want your help and being able to help people and save lives.. I was surprised by the way all patients act different to the nurses."

-Farjanie I.


Sekisui Voltek

"How the company makes foam and the engineering behind it…A college degree is needed…I liked that I was able to see what I want to study…I was surprised by the level of skills needed and the machines…What I liked the least was wearing the masks and the helmets.”

-Alberto G.


"I learned a lot of things about electrical… You need a college degree… It was a good experience… Nothing needs to change.”

-Leonel V.


Mary Immaculate

"When you are a nurse you have to work with your brain, and/but mostly with your heart… Understanding, getting prepared, college… I liked the connection with the person you are taking care of… I was surprised by how well the nurses connect and know the patient… I loved everything about it, it was fun and I learned a lot!"

-Jennifer P.


Commonwealth Motors

"I learned what it takes to be a salesman…People skills, having a smooth personality…I liked shadowing the car salesman… I was surprised by how chill the sales people are.”

-Kyle J.


“I learned how cars work… Communication skills… I learned about how to do oil change… I was surprised that it was not that complicated.”

-Miguel B.


Fenton Court

“I learned what the judge do with the people… Talk to the judge and listen to what he says…Everything was perfect, I loved it and learned a lot of things!”

-Teresa G.


Aztec Technologies

"I learned that there is a lot of information to take in… 2 to 4 years of engineering… I liked the technology that they showed me and all the hands-on work… I was surprised by the big projects that the company has…Would change nothing at all, I love it!!"

-Wilberto R.


Lawrence Fire Department

"I learned that there is more to firefighting than just putting-out fires…Physical and mental skills… I liked that we went on a run with them and they let us use the hose… I was surprised to see that they are more of a family than a unit…There was nothing I didn't like.”  

-Jevan R.


"I learned that firefighters have more job tittles [duties] than just putting out fires… Firefighting Academy… I liked being able to go for a run with them in the firetruck… I was surprised that the schedule is 24 hour shifts.”

-Christian C.


Eagle East Aviation

"I learn to put gas in the airplanes…Math skills… I liked the hands-on experience… I was surprised by the Control area.”

-Juan M.


The preceding article was written by Jessy M. Abramson of the ValleyWorks Career Center. 

Click here to visit the HLC Photo Gallery for more pictures from event and other school events. 

HLC Acceleration Academy

The High School Learning Center held Acceleration Academy throughout the recent vacation week. 

Teachers were awarded the Sontag Prize in Urban Education. Students had the opportunity to prepare for MCAS, earn credits towards graduation, and learn from their teachers in small classroom settings. 

Click here to check out the HLC Photo Gallery where you can see pictures from other editions of HLC's Acceleration Academies. 

HLC Career NightOn the evening of March 29th, HLC had twenty Greater Lawrence Young Professionals take time out of their busy schedules to offer valuable career and life advice to students.

Students were able to connect with the following fields: Law, Social Work, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighter, EMT, Nursing, Engineering, Information Technology, Plumbing, Carpentry, Automotive Technician, Music Entertainment, Entrepreneurship, Real Estate, Government Intelligence Services, and Military Service.

Check out pictures from this event and others at the HLC Photo Gallery