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The Budget and Finance Office processes all the procurement operations for the district, prepares all invoices for payment by the City, generates the payroll for all LPS employees and reconciles records to the City. This department is made up of the director of budget and finance, a payroll/contract manager, a building monitor, four accounts payable clerks, two payroll clerks and the second-floor receptionist for the Central Office. This department monitors insurance costs, utility payments and retirement costs for MTRB and for city retirement, health insurance costs, payroll taxes for employees and postage costs for the district. This office is also responsible for the annual filing of the DESE End of Year Financial Report and the School Committee monthly financial reports.

Christine Bufagna
Director of Budget and Finance
Phone 978-975-5905, ext 25675 
Fax 978-722-8545
Walter Callahan
Payroll/Contract Manager
Phone 978-975-5905, ext 25676