Each high school on the Lawrence campus is unique, but there are common features students should be familiar with at the start their high school career. From the start of ninth grade until the time that diplomas are presented, students must focus on meeting graduation requirements towards becoming college ready.

All students in high school are required to meet the Massachusetts State requirements, as well as the Lawrence Public Schools’ graduation requirements. In the chart below, are the graduation requirements common to all six schools. There are additional requirements within each specific school.

All Massachusetts students must pass the tenth grade English and math MCAS tests, and a Science exam as well as earn 110 credits of required and elective courses.

Requirements for Students Entering 9th Grade

Credit/Course Requirements Number of Credits
English 4 years
Mathematics 4 years
U.S. History (Includes Lawrence / Massachusetts History and Government) 2 years
Social Studies 1 year
Science 3 years
Health 1 semester
Physical Education 2 semesters
Additional Courses Towards Graduation (each high school offers these courses aligned with the theme of the school) 2.5 years