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Community Day Arlington Elementary School

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7:30am - 3:30pm

Phone Number

(978) 722-8621


(978) 722-8514


150 Arlington Street

Lawrence, MA 01841

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Fall 2016 Newsletter


CDA class during April AcademyStudents had a nice surprise this week during the April vacation Academy when Principal Werb became their classroom teacher. Lots of great learning and thinking took place all around the school.

CDA Elementary celebrates autumn at the Fall Family Fun Night.


Summer School is in session around the LPS District and this smiling group of 3rd graders from Community Day Arlington just finished up the first day. They are ready to learn!

Community Day Arlington Elementary School faculty and students paraded the school hallways in costume that represented their chosen word. Look at how great they look!
Students in the CDA Beyond Summer Enrichment Program have had a blast learning about the coral reef and participating in deep sea discovery activities! Through research and design, students recreated parts of the ocean! Using what they've learned, students wrote about different facts of the ocean including the layers, the animals inhabiting them, and how the ocean helps our planet. Students used their art skills and mixed media to create replicas of animals and plant life that are seen in the ocean. They also used their engineering skills to build an ocean that is large enough for spectators to walk through and observe what it looks like under water. Their life size model of the ocean included animals, descriptions, and sounds!